Teaching kids to read can be a challenge for many parents. Using the following tips can help you get through to your child without either on of you getting frustrated.

#1 Explore the Alphabet

Just like a child has to walk before they run a child has to know the alphabet before they can learn to read. So, make sure you go over each letter and the sound that it makes. Remember, this will take time. Your child may need to be reminded of each letter and its sound often. Be patient and your child will pick it up.

#2 Read Books Together

When you read books with your child, it not only gives them a love of reading, but this gives you a chance to point out words and to increase your child’s vocabulary. When you are reading, run your finger along each word as you are reading it. This also helps your child learn that we read left to right and that there are spaces between each word. When trying to teach your child to read, you should use books that are short and have small words and will grab your child’s attention.

#3 Use Technology

Yes, you knew this was coming. Children in this day and age are fascinated by technology and the things that come with it. There is a plethora of programs for kids that can aid you in the teaching process. Using a tablet with a kids application for reading could help engage a child that has no interest in reading. Technology will be your best friend when it comes to teaching your child the building blocks of learning how to read. There are also many websites just for this purpose and there are even many schools who use tablets and eBooks in the classroom. Find applications that your child will be interested in and will want to go back to.

#4 Practice Sight Words

We all know that some words aren’t spelled the way they sound and these words can be confusing and frustrating to a child who is learning how to read. There are also words that are so common that a child will need to be able to know it as soon as they see it. That is why these words are called sight words. Words like, “the”, “and”, and “who” are just a few of the words that teachers are using as sight words for children to memorize. You can get a list of sight words online that covers most words that will be expected of your child.

#5 Be Patient

Different children learn at different paces and your child is no different. Have patience with your child and do not let them see you get frustrated. This can cause your child to give up on reading altogether. Reading is hard for a child, so be supportive through this time and soon enough your child will be reading to you!

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